Allan Bruce's Wibble Generator

Serious bit: I was teaching a friend (Wes) of mine to program in Java recently. I decided to see if he could iterate through two collections of Strings and find the common words. Anyway, we wanted to see if we could each type a sentence and isolate these common words. We didnt get many, so I added to the program functionality to read in files, and then we had this! Possibly the greatest creation ever! Ok so thats a gross exaggeration, but the following applet does have some great output.

Silly bit:

WARNING, The following applet was programmed by, or under the supervision of, professionals. As such, the creators insist that nobody attempt to recreate or re-enact the aforementioned coding. Over use of the this applet may result in temporary loss of bladder control, you have been warned!

Anyway, the program works best with stories (or license agreements, honest!). Just to get you started, copy a couple of random texts from here and try them out - and yes this is very very silly!